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While the security and intelligence agencies, especially in panaji, goa are openly defaming, cheating, exploiting, humiliating and discriminating against citizens who do not own cars, there are a large number of problems related to owning cars and other vehicles which the well paid government employees fail to acknowledge. These problems are discussed in great detail :
One of the biggest problems related to owning a car is parking space. If the car owner is living in a apartment complex, the car owner will be allocated a parking slot, and not allowed to use other places. While some car owners are allocated slots where the car is easily removed or parked, in other cases, the slot is very inconvenient to remove the car. If a slight mistake is made, scratches will be made on the car body, damaging the car further
For those who live in villas and do not have parking slots, they have to park their car on the roads in front of their home. These roads are public property, and anyone can damage the car, especially at night, when everyone is sleeping. They can steal the car tyres, audio system, or even petrol. This problem of theft is also faced while parking the car at the workplace, especially if the workplace does not have parking slots, and the cars are parked in public places.

Another major problem faced is damage to the car caused by other vehicles. While the car is being driven some other driver, who is inexperienced, careless or intoxicated may hit or crash the car. Even when the car is parked, some driver or other item may hit the car, causing dents, scratches and other problems. Car repairs are time consuming and expensive

Vandalism is another problem for car owners. When there are riots or other problems, the cars are usually burned by the rioters. Cars in public property, without any kind of security can easily get damaged. hence purchasing a car is very risky for a person who has a large number of enemies. Damaging the car is a very easy way to cause losses to a person who is disliked and not well connected since the police ignore their complaints.

Car security is also a major headache for the car owner. There are many gangs who specialize in stealing the car, or items kept in the car, like laptops or other expensive items. The cars are then scrapped, resold or used for some criminal activities, causing accidents. Then the car owner will be contacted by the police, disrupting his normal routine.

So though owning a car is a status symbol and convenient, it is important to be practical and far sighted, to understand the risks involved, problems faced, before investing a large amount of money in the car.

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