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Though owning a car is considered a status symbol, in reality, it is a major expense, especially for a person who does not make much money. Before considering purchasing a car, a person should evaluate how often the car will be used and the expenses involved. If the car will be used only once a week or month, owning the car is likely to be a waste of money for a person who is not status conscious and is evaluating the merits financially.

Like most assets, the car is a depreciating asset, and the value of the car will decrease every year. New models of cars with the latest technology are being released every year, and the car model will get outdated very fast. If the car is not used, some parts may get rusted and spoilt. The tyres also get damaged. some vandals may also damage the car and steal the parts.

If the car is being used , in addition to the fuel cost, the car owner will also have to pay for maintenance expenses for repairs. They will also have to wash the car periodically. Additionally the car owner will have to arrange for parking space for the car which should be secure. In some cases, people steal petrol from the parked car. The car insurance is another expense for the vehicle owner.

So though owning a car is a status symbol, especially in goa, it is advisable to consider all the expenses before purchasing any car.

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